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Education Programs

About our Programs

The focus of our education program is to give students or individuals an appreciation for wildlife and an awareness of the hazards that all wildlife face due to factors such as habitat loss, pollution, cat predation, and man made obstacles. Education in the classroom is important. Many children today know very little about the wild animals that live in their area and are unaware of the tremendous impact we all have on the prospects for their continued survival. One of the unique aspects of our education program is that we will tailor a program to your school or group's needs. In addition to the presentation of live education birds, the following topics may be incorporated into the program:

• Natural Resources and Conservation
• Animal Adaptations
• How to help New Mexico's environment
• Threatened and Endangered Species
• Importance and Benefits of Raptors
• Hazards and Human Impact
• Migration and Food Web
• What the public can do to decrease the Number of injuries and deaths to wildlife

How to Schedule a Program

Each presentation is adapted to accommodate audiences ranging from preschoolers to adults. The program length may be modified to meet the needs of the group. If you are interested in an education presentation for your school, group or business please leave a message at: (505) 344-2500 or contact Madge Rice, Education Coordinator.

Education Fee

In order to defray the costs of housing and food for our education animals, Wildlife Rescue Inc., of New Mexico requires a fee for presenting an education program. Fees vary depending on the length of the program and number of animals presented. We do however recognize the financial constraints of the APS system and will negotiate our terms.



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